When I first started disqman.com in 1998, it was with the idea of providing a place for Arizona disc golfers to go online and find the information they needed about our sport in Arizona.

Of course I also had some grand ideas about running an online disc golf shop, retiring from my day job to play full time, developing into a world class player, and generally becoming a disc golf legend.

Well, I hope I’ve had some success at the first part, even if the second part was never really in the cards.

And so it is, with a bittersweet taste in my mouth, I say goodbye to disqman.com; knowing that I leave the online support of Arizona disc golf in the capable hands of the many other local websites that have taken up the torch over the years.

In the fullness of time, disqman.com may rise from the ashes as something new; but for now, let me say one final time...

Have fun! Play well!

Mark “DISQMAN” Trubl, PDGA# 10027